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De Ruggesteun has been established in Rijswijk since 2007 and we have opened a second practice in 2013 in Ypenburg – The Hague. Chiropractic is a wonderful way to lead you to wellness even if you do not have any pain or symptoms. Our goal is to welcome you within our practice, to make you feel at home and be there for you in the matter of listening and understanding.

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What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic reconnects body and soul

Chiropractic makes your body and central nerve system function at its best

Chiropractic keeps your spine in a good condition

Only 3% of your nerves give a pain signal. This means that 97% of your nerves pass signals of which you are not aware! This includes heartbeat, breathing, digestion or proliferation

Chiropractic is known for its efficiency in treating back pain, neck pain and headaches. Besides that, chiropractic is a perfect way to enjoy a body functioning at its best.

We can help you to get rid of your pain but we love to make sure the communication between the brain and body is optimalised. A body without pain does not necessarily mean that your body is healthy!

Chiropractic frees the nerves that are being pinched. Once they are free from subluxation, your nerves can pass messages send by the brain to your body. The chiropractor looks for subluxations, and elevates these by putting the vertebrae in their original position

Service and Scan methods

We work with an open plan system. This means we adjust multiple clients in the same room, at the same time. This system has a positive impact on your healing process. If you would like to discuss something privately, you can always inform our assistants about your wishes and needs. We will adjust you in our private room if you prefer so.

Intake Procedure

When you start the adjustments with us, we will follow this procedure.

During the intake, we will discuss your complaints and medical history. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire before the appointment takes place (click for download). We will measure the muscle tension in your back and neck, using our myovision scan. The chiropractor will perform physical examination and have a look at your posture. After this we will start the adjustment.

  •  The first appointment will take about 30 minutes.

After the intake, we will book a reservation for the iDXA body scan. During this appointment we will also discuss your treatment plan. The scan will give us a better view of what your body looks like on the inside. This makes it easier for us to see if there is a matter of scoliosis or arthritis. We also measure your bone density. The iDXA body scan is a great help for the chiropractor. The iDXA scan is a valuable help for the chiropractor to be able to know the exact needs for your treatment. Attention: The scan is seen as a seperate appointment. Therefore additional costs do apply.

  •  The scan takes about 30 minutes.
  •  Scans are not done on children under the age of 5 and pregnant women.

 Report of findings
During the report of findings we will discuss the results of the iDXA body scan. After discussing these results, the adjustment will follow.

We are going to explain the 3 fases of adjustments according to which you will be treated. To correct the spine and reduce the pain or any other body complaint, we will start with the intensive fase. After this first fase the spine will be stabilised during the stabilisation fase. In this fase, the frequency of treatments will be reduced so that you can finally get to the prevention fase. The prevention fase focuses on the maintenance of the spine and central nerve system thanks to which your body keeps functioning. Besides, the retrieval of the complaints will be prevented as much as possible. The complaints could be dealt with in an early stage.

  •  The report of findings takes about 10 minutes.

We recommend our workshops. During the workshop we will inform you about what chiropractic is and what are the benefits for your body. Even if you are already familiar with chiropractic, our workshop is recommended.

  •  Our workshops are free of charge and take about 1 hour.

MyoVision Scan

The Myovision scan measures the tension of the muscle stabilizing the vertebral column. The more tension, the more higher your stress level. Acute subluxation will cause the contra muscle to compensate and the extra mV (millivolt) released to continuously activate this muscle can be measured. Simply put, overactivity of a muscle on one side most likely means that there is a fixation of the bone on the otherside. This helps the chiropractor by indicating where an adjustment is needed and gives visual feedback of your progress. The chiropractor wants your body to be more in balance and with reduced tension. The Myovision scan takes about 2 minutes, and is safe and painless.

iDXA Bodyscan

The quick, pain free and safe iDXA Total Body scan analyses your bone density and shows an image of the correlation between muscles and fat mass. Furthermore you get a clear x-ray of the skeleton, without getting a high x-ray radiation as you would at the normal x-ray machines at the hospital. Thanks to iDXA scan we will be able to determine if your body is in a desirable condition and form and if there are any deviations such as severe wear and tear of the spine or joints. This way it can be determined which parts of your body need extra attention.

The reason we purchased iDXA Total Body Scan is to be able to offer our patients / clients a better care. Our services are hereby broadened, prognoses can be made with more precision and also (early) detection of medical indications. The safety of the adjustments of people that seem to have osteoporosis will be guaranteed. Although these services are for our patients, the iDXA body scan is also available for those that are not our registered patients. Especially those wanting the most accurate diagnosis of their fat percentage and muscle mass.

  •  Painless
  •  Safe
  •  Quick


    First scan: €80

    Re-scan / 2nd scan: €55

    Childeren & Students:

    First scan: 80

    Re-scan / 2nd scan: 40

Cranial Facial Release

From the 1st June 2016 our chiropractor has been performing a new adjustment! The CFR ( Cranial facial release) adjustment sets the skull bones on the right place with a help of a small balloon. This adjustment is especially suitable for people that have problems with:

  •  Allergy
  •  (Chronic) cold
  •  Respiratory problems
  •  Teary eyes
  •  Snoring (nasal)
  •  Sinus problems
  •  Nose polyps (even after operations)
  •  Glaucoma ( eye pressure)
  •  Migraine
  •  Banging feeling in the head (cluster headaches)

Reverse indications:

  •  Latex allergy
  •  Blood thinners
  •  Face operation where plates are placed
  •  Are you interested or would you like more information? Our assistants will gladly help you.

Introduction Workshops

Our workshops are strongly recommended and free of charge. In the case of all medical interventions it is wise to know and compare what is the outcome/ benefits, contraindications, side effects and what you can do to increase a more positive healing process. Eventually you alone are responsible for your health and wellness for your body and mind.


Below is an overview of the cost of treatment for children and adults.It is common to pay after a consultation at the reception. You can pay in cash or by debit card. We strive to get as little cash as possible. Payments by debit card are preferred.


First Consult


  • Intake
  • Research
  • Introduction
  • Myovision
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Following Consultations


Children & Students

First Consult


  • Intake
  • Research
  • Myovision Scan
Make appointment

Following Consultations


Prepay Packages

12 Consults

makes €47.50 per consult


  • €7.50 cheaper per consult

20 Consults

makes €42.50 per consult


  • €12.50 cheaper per consult

30 Consults

makes €37.50 per consult


  • €17.50 cheaper per consult


Is your question unanswered or unclear, please do not hesitate to make contact with us.

It is possible that your health care insurance covers the costs of the adjustment but this depends on the insurance and package you have. Most of the additional insurances packages cover chiropractic.This page provides you with information about reimbursement for chiropractic care. Would you like to know what your insurance covers for your situation? We recommend to contact your insurance. They can tell you exactly what they cover for you.


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